Cleverwave Tech., Inc. was founded in Taiwan, in 2006 by a team that with extreme passion and attention to the professional DPSS related products. More than 10 years laser experience is what makes Cleverwave a superior laser manufacturer. Unlike other Asian laser suppliers, Cleverwave is fully committed to the R&D and manufacturing of laser products. Thats why our products have consistently met and exceeded customer expectations, have longer lifetime and offer far better performance than comparable products in the laser market.

Our line of products includes green laser pointers, green laser modules, green laser presenters, blue laser pointers, blue laser modules, infrared laser modules, laser shows, and any products that related to laser. The major markets are Europe, USA, Japan and Taiwan.

Through our professional and knowledgeable experience of laser products, we earned outstanding reputation for providing products with excellent quality and reliability. The combination of innovation, quality assurance, manufacturing skills and friendly client service has resulted in the continuous expansion of Cleverwave.

Cleverwae Tech., Inc. , your best partner in laser lighting!!